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Repair and Restoration Service

We have the ability to completely repair most older mounts. Whatever your collection contains, be it shoulder mounts to sailfish, we can help restore it to its original beauty. Museum collection restoration service is available. Prices vary by piece and collection.

Props for Stage and Screen

Prop Masters, look no further!

We've done work for everything from community theatre to nation released films. Whatever wild thing your script calls for, our skillful restoration and production service and provide you with it.

We also carry a large stock of rustic accesosories including buckskin, leather, and Native American products.

Custom Restaurant, Lodge and Home Decor

With our creative aptitude, we can customize a space to fit you rneeds. Our work is displayed in some of the top restaurants, lodges, and retail storse in the nation. Our antler chandeliers, tables, lamps, and accessories add rustic charm to any room-BIG or small. Large game shoulder mounts are generally in stock and ready for your walls, as is our large assortment of tanned rugs.


Since most game is regulated by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, we strictly comply with all game laws and federal regulations, and we do business only with those who adhere to those laws. Proof of hunting license is required for federal migratory birds. Permits are required for all game killed on the road.


We are not responsible for damage of trophies due to negligence on the owner's part. We do not have any control over any trophy prior to its arrival at our studio for tanning. The time of year, how long it remained in warm teperatures, how soon it was field dressed, etc., all effects the outcome of our mount.


*Tip - For better results, never leave your trophy for any lenght of time in direct contact with cement as the lime in the cement can cause the hide to lose hair.


Due to the extra work require for repairs, specific damages have the follow charges:

- Broken antler repair: $25.00

- Throat cuts, bullet and arrow holes may require an extra charge depending on the placement of the trophy. 


Special custom bases and dioramas are available at a competitive charge.


All of our work carries a life-time guarantee, which covers our workmanship, but not damages incurred by owner negligence or damange due to clothes moths or Demisted Beetles.




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